Company Profile 公司简介


GPO History of Marketing 

Founded in 2007, the company first began as a GPO Marketing Sdn Bhd, initially engaged in the provision of oil business. However, recognizing that the food industry has a broad market and huge potential for subsequent development, the company will soon move on to the food supply. As a traditional business, the company uses “88” as the brand name product. Overseas, “88” brand cooking oil is a popular, well-known conglomerates “Tenderfresh Fried @ BBQ Chicken Pte Ltd” are our regular clients. In addition, many famous enterprises are also our customers.

Company expands overseas markets to Singapore, and products are subject to rigorous internal inspection and, in addition, companies can also work with a variety of traditional foods, such as cooking oil, sesame oil, pepper, rice, flour and spices, and sells 88 brands of cooking oil, as well as the great wall brand cooking oil, which includes a wide range of products.

GPO Marketing Sdn Bhd Offer competitive prices, good quality products and quality services, for customers in the market which the brands has recognized the quality of service from overseas, our partner T&G Group Supplies Pte Ltd and has been approved by Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Awards effort by 2013 and Asia Pacific Brands Awards 2014. Joint management with T&G Group Supplies Pte Ltd bring us towards a bright & success future, to be one of the main F&B supply in Singapore in the near future.

For new products development, the company plans to step up new marketing strategy, expand its product line and further improvement in product’s quality so to serve their customers better in the future.





公司扩充海外市场到新加坡,产品受到内部严格检验。此外,公司批发各种传统食品,如:食油,麻油,胡椒粉 ,各种香料,其中还包括 88 品牌的其他产品。

我们提供公道的价格,良好的产品质量以及优质的服务,我们的在市场上的营销产品以及服务质量已经在海外得到许多客户的公认,这都是获得新加坡杰出企业2013以及亚太企业大奖2014,我们的合作伙伴 T&G Group Supplies Pte Ltd 所共同付出的努力。感谢我们的集团的合作伙伴为之共同管理该公司以至拥有今天享有的成功,这都是我们即将把 GPO Marketing  Sdn Bhd 成为上市公司集团以及成为最大新加坡私人有限公司的食品供应商必须历经的过程。

针对于新产品,在不久的将来,我们会扩展到其他范围,公司也计划加强市场开发,并在其产品系列改进让他们更完善,为客户提供更高水准的食品类产品 。